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Ross Cassidy is a Los Angeles based interior and product designer. His boutique design firm works on a limited number of key projects every year. Ross has designed collections for De Le Cuona & Christopher Farr, and is presently working with CB2 on a series of projects. 

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What inspired this career path for you? When I was a kid, I used to spend Sunday afternoons walking around my neighborhood with my dad. We used to sneak onto construction sites and look at what people were building. I was always obsessed with houses and hotels, and knew that in some way I would end up designing or developing.

What is your go-to source for inspiration? I hate to use this answer because EVERY designer says the same thing…but travel. Getting out into the world and seeing what is out there is still the best inspiration for me. Then you come back to the studio and make it your own. I hate to copy, but referencing is inevitable.

Tell us about your creative process. Every house is a story. The client is the theme, and I build the environment around them.  The client has a specific program of what they need, how they live, and what excites them. I take all of that and try to turn it into a world that reflects outwardly what is going on internally for them. I’ve become increasingly more esoteric about my process; it’s not just about stuff. It’s about the feeling in each and every piece we buy, build, or design.

Describe your style. Edited. Irreverent. Strictly tailored. Intimate. Timeless.

What are the biggest trends you see in interior design right now and what are you loving (and not loving)? I hate trends in decorating. Decorating should be timeless. I’m so over the industrial steampunk Brooklyn hip vibe that everybody has latched onto. I love people who innovate…I wish I was more innovative! It’s not easy in our business to push the boundaries. Clients want to play it safe.

What’s a staple in your toolkit? The phone number of my art installer. Any room can be fixed with good art.  I am useless at hanging art, but I know what works to fix a room.

Who do you look up to in the design world? Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels. Also, I just watched a documentary on Zaha Hadid and was so inspired by it. She is far more talented and a much greater genius than I was able to comprehend until I heard her speak. She opened my eyes in a BIG way.

If you could design a space for anyone, what kind of space and for whom would it be? I’ve always wanted to renovate a country house in England. Find one that is really falling apart, and bring it back to life for somebody that loves design and isn’t afraid to take risks.

Tell us your favorite design-related word, phrase, or quote. I recently started a charitable organization that is exploring the impact of design on the mind. How our environment affects us. It’s called Healthy Decorating, and our tagline is “Décor had the power to heal”. It is something I believe in, and science is starting to prove it to be true.

Which design blog, website, TV show, or magazine would you be lost without? I’m utterly obsessed with Pinterest. It is an invaluable tool for my clients and I. We share private boards and keep our entire projects online.

What do you love about Viyet? I loathe complicated websites. You guys keep it so simple. Anything that makes life easy is gold in my book.

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